Fr 26.10.2018

EAR Electro Acoustic Room - Luganomusica

EAR Electro Acoustic Room
BigIieti gratuiti per tutta la stagione: primo concerto venerdî, 26 ottobre 18:30h LAC

For some people, electronic music – a totally polysemous and polymorphous definition to be reduced to the lowest common denominator of the use of electric current – is to acoustic music what cinema is to theatre. While it is easy to realise that we spend daily far more time immersed in video images than attending theaters performances, it may not be quite as evident for all how much electronic music surrounds us and constantly floods our ears.

EAR is a project developed by Spazio21 from the Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana (Lugano University of Music), in coproduction with LuganoMusica and with the support of the Artephila Foundation.

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